About us

Aloelia's head office is in Greece,in the leafy island of Corfu.We welcome you with natural and herbal choices through the 2000 codes of our products, with our hospitality and our excellent service.

In Aloelia in Corfu and in Aloelia.com we aspire not only to offer you our best quality of natural and herbal products but also to have the oppurtunity to be familiar with the miraculous properties of herbs and olive oil.

In our shop and in our e-shop Aloelia.com you can also find carefully selected,traditional products from Corfu and other areas of Greece which give the pure stigma of the Greek culture and quality through the diverse tastes.

We are eager fans of communication and we would like to be at your service with responsibility.For this reason we would be more than glad to get to know you in person or to be at your service through our communication form and our e-mail in Aloelia.com.

Thank you in advance for your preference.

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