The medicinal plant arnica and therapeutic qualities (arnica montana)

Dioscorides refers to it as the “herb Alkimos’ information which texts found in writings of the Italian physician and botanist Pierandrea Mattioli. In ancient Greece we […]

Argan oil and therapeutic properties !!!

The Moroccans call it “God liquid” or “liquid gold” of the desert, thanks to the beneficial effects for the skin and hair. The Argan oil is […]

Grape …. King of fruits !

6000 years ago, the peoples of Mesopotamia and the ancient Egyptians knew the grape and cultivated for table use. For the past 4000 years, the peoples […]

Pomegranate and its benefits to the skin !!!!

Nothing is random in nature! Each fruit holds a symbolism. The pomegranate, hides the powerful red beads health longevity and beauty. He is a fruit, it […]

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