Everything is closer and friendly to human nature and existence is safer – more effective.

Everything is closer and friendly to human nature and existence is safer – more effective.

Everything is closer and friendly to human nature and existence is safer, more effective.
5,500 different species of plants of Greek flora give us an inexhaustible “tank” of natural ingredients to develop high quality products with clinically and dermatologically tested effectiveness.
Secrets of health and the toilet are well hidden in herbs. For indeed, in any herb or herb, there is something unique: a mixture of active substances and other active ingredients to which every living organism proves to be extremely receptive.
Our natural products demonstrate in the best possible way the beneficial properties of herbs, pharmaceutical and cosmetic.
Physical beneficial substances used separated into:
EXTRACTS, rich in vitamins, flavonoids, minerals and fatty acids that provide moisturizing, nourishing and antioxidant protection of the skin.
VEGETABLE OILS, juice nourishes plants with vitamins, minerals and precious fatty acids. Used safely and easily absorbed by the hair and skin mainly offering rich hydration, increase elasticity of the skin and antioxidant protection. They are the most ideal solvents for essential oils.
ESSENTIAL OILS, volatile oily liquid composition with aromatic odor, a high concentration of active ingredients and highly effective properties – through smell and their absorption by the skin – for rejuvenation, relaxation and toning the body. The nutrients, active acids and vitamins proven to slow the aging process.
These natural ingredients have replaced at a rate of up to 100%, the use of hazardous chemicals, toxic substances and ingredients.
– The Mineral Oil (Mineral Oil), covering their resources skin with a thin layer as a membrane preventing the ability to breathe, to eliminate toxic substances, hydrated and creating new healthy cells. It causes blackheads, spithourakia, dehydration, photosensitivity (sensitivity to sun-freckles), premature skin aging. Implicated in cardiac and allergic disorders, the immune system, damage to the kidneys and liver, difficulty in breathing.

– The Paraffin (Paraffinium Liquidium), oil derivative, toxic. It causes eye irritation, dermatitis contact with skin, headaches, dizziness, unconsciousness. It has similar symptoms with Mineral Oil.

– Parabens (Parabens), highly toxic preservatives, which enhance the shelf life of the products. They cause allergies and dermatitis.

– Propylene (Propylene Glycol), and an aqueous solubilizing agent, a composite petrochemical mix, which serves to retain moisture and as a solvent in the preparation extracts. A widely available component, because of their low cost is used instead of vegetable glycerin. It causes allergic and toxic reactions.

– Non-biodegradable Silicones (Silicones), which block the pores inhibiting the ability to breathe, they are irritating and accumulate in the liver and lymph nodes. Charged, inter alia, the environment.

– The SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), a substance of synthetic origin (oil) used in shower gels and shampoos as a detergent capable of foaming. It causes irritation to the eyes, skin rashes and itching, hair loss, dandruff and allergic reactions.
The Greek natural cosmetics companies located in our store is Certified and Approved by National Organization for Mediciens.
It is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested
Not tested on animals.

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