The exfoliating benefits.

The exfoliating benefits.

The exfoliating benefits.

Skin that radiates health and shine and when the touch is smooth and velvety is a desire of all women.

How to get it?

The secret is: Peeling !!!

Our skin continuously produce new skin cells in the lower layer, the dermis, which sends them to the surface (skin). Gradually skin cells die and must be removed from the skin to install the newest. What if we remove them?

Dead cells remaining at the dull complexion and give a rough texture.
Block the skin renewal process.
Dehydrate the skin because clog the pores, resulting not penetrate into the deeper layers of skin moisturizing and softening ingredients of cosmetic products we use (This applies to any kind of face and body cosmetics, such as creams, gels or oils fighting local fat, cellulite or loosening). Moreover, the skin peeling stimulates microcirculation, facilitates the elimination of toxins and activates cellular metabolism, function with the passage of time is slowed.
Most exfoliating body products (body scrub) textured gel or cream and spread on dry skin with gentle circular movements, except the elbows, knees and feet, where the movements are more pronounced, and in these places the skin it is harder.

The process is simple:

Moisten the skin and make the massage in circular movements and more intense. Rinse with lukewarm water and continued your bathroom as usual. And finishing your bathroom pampering your skin with a moisturizer or other plant body as a cosmetic oil or body lotion, as the efficacy will now be much greater than any other time.

Natural Scrubs contains herbs and fruit extracts, without any addition of chemical components.


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